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Document Archiving…

We archive documents for both the private and public sector and for business or the general public. No project is too big or small. We service the whole of the UK and will probably have a van in your area this week. Our solutions are tailor-made to your specific requirements. We offer a fast, safe, secure and compliant document archiving service that is second to none. Our service levels are high and we boast a track record of almost 20 years. We work for some of the biggest blue chip Organisations in the UK such as Jaguar Land Rover and EDF and are proud to extend the same level of service through to our valued smaller footprint clients.

We can archive all sizes of paperwork and microfilm in both black and white and colour. We can return the documents or confidentially destroy the hard copy after the archiving process. We can return the data in your chosen file format (PDF is very popular). We can index the data to suit your specific needs and often provide a fully word searchable document. Our OCR options are second to none within our industry and a great source of pride. We lead this marketplace. Content Capture Services can return your data on CD, DVD, Download or make available via our Cloud.

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Microfilm, Aperture Card, Fiche Archiving…

We are market leaders in this area and offer the total solution. Integrate your microfilm records with your digital in a seem-less fashion.

Digital archiving of images results in high-quality output at resolutions up to 400dpi and a standard microfilmautomatic border erasure feature assures clean printouts, while also saving on toner costs.

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We Archive:

Microfiche (16mm & 35mm)
COMBI Microfiche (combination of A4 and plans)
COM Microfiche (computer out-put to microfiche)
Roll Microfilm (16mm or 35mm)Microfiche_card
Microfilm in or out of Cartridges
Aperture Cards (Microfilm in a single card)


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Plan, Map & Drawing Scanning…

building_plans_rollsOur wide format scanners reproduce your valuable documents faithfully—and a bit more. They boast 1,200 dpi resolution and 16-bit monochrome/48-bit color capture, as well as B/W threshold technology that cleans up backgrounds and makes good documents look even better. And they work hand in hand with our extensive range of specialist software, which ensures better-than-original scans and helps you prepare maps and technical drawings for digital editing.

Our ‘intelligent image clean-up’ software gives crisp reproductions, even from old originals and unrivalled sharpness helps catch every detail and fine lines.

Protect Your Originals…..plan_cabinet

To make sure your originals are handled with care if you need the hard copy retaining our scanners feature All Wheel Drive and a precision paper-feed tracking system. Aside from protecting your documents, these technologies prevent distortion and accelerate both one-off and batch jobs.
What Do We Scan?

We scan up to A0 in terms of width and any length. We can also scan an engineering drawing and vectorise for the purpose of CAD conversion.

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Regular High Volume Bulk and Mass Weekly Archiving Collections From Manchester, Liverpool, Stockport, Leeds, Bradford, Nottingham, Leeds, Leicester, London, Cardiff, Glasgow, Birmingham, East Midlands, High Peak, Buxton, Great Manchester, Derbyshire, Merseyside, Yorkshire & Cheshire.

Our turnaround times are super quick but should you require one of your files urgently whilst they are with us for the archiving process, you can call or email and we will locate, scan and upload your file for secure download often within the hour.