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“Last week we extracted 220 GB’s of Data stranded on Apex Pinnacle Micro Optical Drive Disks for Worldwide Businesses.”

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“We need to export our historic archive from DOT Media and keep all the metadata intact ready for us to import into Microsoft SharePoint with the press of a button.”

“We need a Company to export our Apex Pinnacle Micro 4.6 GB Optical Hard Drive data and guide us through the import process to Share Piont.”

“We need an experienced provider to manage our migration from DOT Media to SharePoint from start to finish.”

Case Study…

“We needed to export and convert our legacy Apex Pinnacle Micro 4.6 GB Optical Hard Drive. Due diligence is an understandable requirement. CCS supplied reference points, detailed security, privacy policies and a signed data sharing and processing agreement.”

“CCS took our old out dated DOT Media and gave us an index table and images ready to easily import into Microsoft Sharepoint. They managed the process from start to finish.”

“We were issued with an audit and verification report confirming 100 success. The project was finished ahead of time and to the pre agreed budget.”

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Global Apex Pinnacle Micro 4.6 GB Optical Hard Drive migration market leaders. +27 Year trading history. This confirms we are able to satisfy a large number of clients over a long period of time and that we have the experience to deliver high quality on time!

Reference points on request from blue chip clients. Don’t just take our word for it! We’ll try and find a good match in terms of sector and project similarity.

Secure UK based facility here in the Peak District. All our data is processed here in the UK. We use no third parties at any stage of our service. We base our systems on ISO 27001 and can provide a copy of our security policy and privacy policies. 

Global Market Leaders For Apex Pinnacle Micro Optical Drive Services.

Is your data trapped on Apex Pinnacle Micro Drive Optical Disks that you can’t easily access? Why go to the trouble of buying a new drive to read your disks? Let’s face facts. To buy is not the way forward.

We can export the images and convert to PDF or TIFF. We retain the file structure so a multi-page file remains in this format. We also extract the original index data. We can present the data simply as re-named PDF’s or as image files with a CSV or spreadsheet index ready to import into a modern system such as Microsoft SharePoint. Application Xtender, Laserfiche or Docuware.

Our number one priority is Data Security and Protection. We can supply copies of our policies in these vital areas upon request and always work under a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

We offer this service on a Global basis.

DSAR Redaction Service

Apex Pinnacle Micro Drive Documents Converted This Week...

Apex Pinnacle Micro 4.6 GB Optical Hard Drive…

Apex Pinnacle Drive History…

The Apex Pinnacle Micro 4.6 GB Optical Hard Drive is a drive that was marketed during the 1990’s. Very few fully working models still exist. Most sold on the internet are dead on arrival! The drive reads and writes to non ISO standard disk such as: DOT (Digital Optical Technology) OMR 4.2 GB Disks or Mitsubishi 4.6 GB Optical Disk Cartridges and many more.

This Optical Hard Drive has a maximum capacity of 4.6 Gigabyte per disk and supports direct overwrite media such as 5.25″ Optical Disks. The Drive supports Sony, Mitsubishi, Verbatim, MCC, 3M, Hitachi, Maxell and DOT Media at both ISO, Non ISO and ANSI levels.

Compatibility Issues…

The Apex Pinnacle Micro Drive was developed in competition to traditional suppliers such as Sony. As a result the disks that this drive reads and writes to often (90% of the time) can not be read by conventional main stream ISO drives. This was by design and is a major obstacle for modern users in gaining access to historical data. Put simply buying any Optical Drive on the market probably will not work.

ISO standards were developed so that ANY particular manufacturers disks were compatible with ANY particular manufacturers drives. The Pinnacle Micro Drive and its disks are the exception to this! We can access these Optical disks and reissue the data for you.

CSV Option…

When we migrate Apex Pinnacle Micro 4.6 GB Optical we can supply the data in anyway that a client needs. We can preserve the original file and index structure. For example we can 1) Provide images such as PDFs with the index / metadata in a CSV or Spreadsheet fashion ideal for import into new systems. 2)  Provide images and change the file-name of the file to the respective keyword information attributed to those images.

All projects have QA and are audited and verified for 100% migration results. A report is issued on completion.


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