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  • Established in 1997 we have a long track record. Although it seems like only yesterday! Years of experience are no guarantee of success. But they do indicate whether or not a company has been able to satisfy a large number of clients over a long period of time.
  • Content Capture has a reputation for leadership. To get maximum value from an outsourcing relationship, you’ll want to work with a company that is a leader in its field. The prestige factor isn’t important but leadership usually comes from a long history of success and innovation. Those are valuable traits in an outsourcing partnernewly-weds-couple-CCS.
  • We have established a reputation of Expertise in technology and service delivery. Since content and records management services depend on technology, it’s important for your partner has an in-depth understanding of all of the technical issues involved. At the same time, your partner has a broad expertise in service delivery.
  • Expertise in your industry. In today’s competitive environment, you can’t afford a long learning curve with an outsourcing relationship. That’s why it’s important to find a partner with established experience and expertise in your industry. Not only will you be able to take advantage of your partner’s knowledge of industry best practices, you’ll get a faster return on your investment. We have a large and varied customer base and will no doubt have experience of your industry sector.
  • An in-depth understanding of your business model. To meet your requirements, your outsourcing provider will need to understand your business model, your core competencies and how your enterprise content activities support them. Content Capture are always willing to become an expert on your organisation’s mission!
  • Financial stability. A stable, well-capitalised company offers advantages in terms of talent, resources and technology. We are happy to provide up to date copies of our accounts and insurance certificates.
  • Flexibility is a key requirement for any business relationship in an age of constant change. We respond quickly to change.
  • You’ll also want a partner that can help you take advantage of new technological innovations in content and document management. Our research and development processes are second to none.
  • You will Content Capture Service Customer Examplesbe in good company. These are just a few of the Organisations we have worked for throughout the World. We have worked on all continents and have a Global outlook. Below are a few examples. We would be delighted to supply references upon request.
  • Performance management experience. Content Capture have the ability to operate effectively using systems based on quantifiable performance monitoring and measurement. We will stay on top of your project even through low and spike points of document generation.
  • Content Capture give a detailed plan for client communication and problem remediation. Open, ongoing communication is a priority in outsourcing. Since problems can occur even in the best partnerships, we feel it important to have a clearly articulated process for solving problems and resolving disagreements.
  • We are Experts in information security. Your documents, records and images are valuable intellectual property. So we accept that we need to https://www.contentcaptureservices.co.uk/have the experience, expertise and technology to protect your information. We base our systems on ISO 27001 and can provide a copy of our security policy upon request.
  • The added value of a consulting relationship. To achieve the full range of benefits made possible by transformative outsourcing, we try to do more than take an operational headache off your hands. We serve as proactive consultants as well as service delivery experts.
  • Content Capture Services is on a journey to reduce its carbon emissions and minimise its impact on climate change. We realise this is important not just to us but also to those clients targeting proactive businesses with sustainability strategy within the supply chain. Read more here…


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