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Individuals possess the fundamental rights to access, protect and erase their data. The challenge is to strike a balance. Our mission is to empower organisations to excel in meeting these obligations and emerge as personal information champions!


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Our experienced team tailor every solution to your needs. From Subject Access Requests to Legal Documents.

Video Pixelation

More and more video is being generated. We combine cutting edge technology with human input to pixelate on demand.

Data Protection Outsource DPO

Outsourced DPO

Expert consultancy ensuring compliance with data protection regulations, safeguarding privacy and mitigating risks.

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Our exceptionally friendly team is eager and prepared to assist you. From pricing to logistics and beyond, we’re here to help with all your needs…


Legacy Data Migration

Got some data sat in a legacy system? Chances are we can export, convert and breath new life into that often vital content.

Video Curation

We enhance your video archive’s accessibility by adding metadata and tags, making content easily searchable.

Data Breach Analysis

Comprehensive analysis service identifying vulnerabilities, assessing impacts, and providing strategies for mitigating and preventing data breaches.

Data Sanitisation

Thorough data cleansing service ensuring secure and irreversible removal of sensitive information from digital devices.

Our story

+27 Years & Counting.

Nestled in the picturesque Peak District, our solutions have proudly made their mark across every continent. Serving a diverse clientele, from micro-businesses to global giants, we uphold data security and privacy as our foremost priority. Committed to delivering tailor-made solutions and exceptional outcomes, we strive to exceed the expectations of our valued clients. We’ve traded since 1997 and still relish the challenge…

need help with a data subject access request?

Every Week We Process +1 Million DSAR Documents.

Our service expertly handles Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR) on behalf of our clients. We ensure a thorough and satisfying experience for customers that need to respond to a DSAR. With prompt responses, clear communication, and meticulous attention to detail, we prioritise transparency and compliance, leaving clients informed and content with the retrieval process.

DSAR Redaction Service


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Uncover the essential offerings that define our commitment to quality and meet your specific needs efficiently. Drill down into the specifics and get a little more detail on our offerings. Explore the intricacies that set us apart and discover the comprehensive solutions tailored just for you. 


What Our Customers Say

Friendly Team

I have used Content Capture Services on numerous occasions and never had any issues with them at all. In all fairness, my requests have always been last minute with a short deadline, and they have always been able to deliver! They are a very friendly team and will always be upfront and realistic with time frames, the quotes I’ve received have never changed so we’re aware of the final cost before we enter into a contract with them.

– EB

High Level Expertise

I am incredibly pleased with the seamless data migration services provided by this company! Their team demonstrated a high level of expertise, ensuring a smooth transition for our business data. The process was efficient, and they meticulously preserved data integrity. The professionalism and commitment to meeting deadlines were impressive. I have full confidence in their capabilities and would enthusiastically recommend Content Capture Services.

– TJ

Exceptional Service

 We are thrilled with the exceptional service provided by this redaction company! Their commitment to accuracy and confidentiality is commendable. The team efficiently handled my document redaction needs, ensuring sensitive information was safeguarded. The attention to detail and quick turnaround exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this company to anyone seeking reliable, secure, and top-notch redaction solutions.

– CM


Hot Off The Press

CCS Data Protection and Digital Information Bill

Bill Will Not Progress…

The Data Protection and Digital Information Bill has failed to be completed before the General Election.

Video Pixelation Render Farm Development

No Video Too Big…

We’ve created a cutting-edge, secure internal video rendering farm, setting the industry standard, to efficiently handle large video processing tasks.

Video Curation Project

Helping CERN Storytell…

We’ve assisted CERN, renowned for the Hadron Collider, in organising decades of unstructured video data with metadata. This valuable resource is now easily accessible.