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We customise our video redaction service to suit your specific requirements. Since every project is unique, our solutions are designed to be flexible and adaptable. Beyond just pixelating faces, we can handle all types of identifiers and obscure sensitive elements like screens and license plates.

Our video redaction service offers various masking options, including smooth blur, full box, and pixelation, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your needs. 

Case Study…

“We received our first Subject Access Request and needed a video redaction service. Due diligence is an understandable requirement. CCS supplied reference points, detailed security, privacy policies and a signed data sharing and processing agreement.”

“CCS advised on the best ways to search our CCTV system and bodycam recordings to satisfy the scope of the Subject Access Request. We had several hours of footage.”

“We uploaded the search results to CCS secure, encrypted portal. A free of charge, no obligation survey of the data took place within 24 hours. A detailed report was returned with a fixed price and delivery date for us to consider.”

“Upon approval CCS made a start. After a short period they shared some output to reassure the approach matched our expectations. The finished redacted videos were loaded back to the secure, encrypted portal within the agreed deadline.”

Why Us?

UK video redaction service market leaders. +27 Year trading history. This confirms we are able to satisfy a large number of clients over a long period of time and that we have the experience to deliver high quality on time!

Reference points on request from blue chip clients. Don’t just take our word for it! We’ll try and find a good match in terms of sector and project similarity.

Secure UK based facility here in the Peak District. All our data is processed here in the UK. We use no third parties at any stage of our service. We base our systems on ISO 27001 and can provide a copy of our security policy and privacy policies. 

Confidentiality guarantee. We supply a signed data sharing and processing agreement on all projects.

Each video redaction service client has an account manager and a clear plan for communication. One point of contact giving prompt responses and updates is essential for deadline work.

Last Week We Redacted Over 500 Hours Of Video.

We provide a comprehensive outsourced CCTV and video redaction service, handled by experienced professionals at our secure UK facility. Unlike fully automated alternatives, our approach combines human expertise with technology to ensure thorough and precise redaction.

Here’s how it works: upload your file to our secure portal, and we will redact the necessary areas, such as faces, license plates, personally identifiable markings, body tattoos, and house numbers. Once completed, you can download the fully redacted video.

We cater to one-time projects as well as ongoing services, serving a diverse clientele that includes private individuals, law enforcement, military, and blue-chip companies. References are available upon request.


DSAR Redaction Service

Simple Process…

1. We Listen & Quote.

Our company assigns a dedicated Account Manager to each project, ensuring personalised and efficient service. Every video redaction project is unique, and our experienced team member will work closely with you to establish a tailored redaction specification.

We prioritise compliance and confidentiality. You will receive a signed confidentiality, data sharing, and processing agreement in accordance with UK GDPR regulations. Additionally, we provide a secure portal login for you to upload your video footage.

2. We Apply Scope.

Next, we move into the production phase, with a strong emphasis on meeting deadlines right from the start. Your Account Manager will provide regular updates and, if needed, share work-in-progress to keep you informed.

Our quality control process begins at this stage, involving regular management-level reviews to ensure high standards. Each project benefits from a combination of human expertise and digital efficiency, tailored to the specific requirements of the redaction task.


3. We Redact & QA.

Next, we conduct our rigorous quality control steps, honed from over +27 years of industry experience. After ensuring the highest standards, we upload the fully redacted video to our secure portal.

The redaction process is irreversible, resulting in a single flat file that cannot be undone. We store your data for an agreed-upon period and then delete it according to our data security policy.

1. Check Out A Sample Video

Here’s an example of a typical video redaction service project: in a crowded office, all individuals are pixelated except for one person. In another scene, license plates in a car park are pixelated to ensure privacy.

2. Target Analysis Included.

Each video is analysed by an experienced operator. Targets are established for video pixelation. In this example we can see faces and computer screens. Moving targets are tracked. This is partially automated but quality control and manual correction is needed. You can also see an audio wave at the bottom to assist in redacting the sound associated with the video redaction project.


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