Content Capture

Optical Character Recognition…

Content Capture Services are UK market leaders in the employment of intelligent data capture technologies. We use a blend of the following to exceed your expectations and deliver the best solution possible with cutting edge accurOCR Handacy:

OCR – Optical Character Recognition.
ICR – Intelligent Character Recognition.
OMR – Optical Markup Recognition.
Barcode Technology.
Form Content Capture.

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Full Word Search……

A full individual word search of your paper documents is now possible with Content Capture SPDF_Searchableervices.

Our extensive investment in the latest software products have enabled us to drive the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) error rate down by approaching 85%.
We utilise competing software engines on each job to maximise the success rate. Percentages are applied to the results and the highest performers are chosen. For example if we scan and attempt to capture the character ‘5’. One of our software engines may suggest it is a ‘s’ and four argue for a ‘5’ the latter will be used.

The accuracy level ultimately depends on the quality of the original document but we often obtain results in excess of 95% accurate in terms of fully search-able text. This usually takes the form of a search-able PDF.

We are also introducing Ai into our portfolio offering enhanced options to our clients. Word search is useful but imagine being able to question the data. For example with a batch of Insuance documents “how many clauses exceed a liability of £3000?”. To find out more about Ai and the benefits that it can bring now click here

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Translation & Localisation Services…..

We are able to scan the paperwork, capture the text and translate to your chosen language. We are often able to retain layouts and formats.Translation

A common application for this process is technical manuals for legacy documents. For example ageing machinery transferred from one country to another often has old legacy documents such as plans and manuals. We can capture and translate these hard coy documents.

We can create corporate dictionaries to address industry specific text and integrate into a clients document or content management systems.

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Big Data…

“Big data is the electricity of the 21st century! A new kind of power that transforms everything it touches in business, government, and private life.
To harness this data first it needs to be captured and that is where CCS can help. Structured data such as standard office documents is straightforward. We have specialised in this for 16 years+ but increasingly we are able to capture the unstructured data and apply meta tags. Examples of this being video, photographs, magazine articles and slides.

Today, companies use data to model and control processes and run the business. This torrent of new data offers an opportunity to gain unprecedented insight and quickly test new ideasbig-data. It also provides the power to fundamentally change business operations.

While electricity took more than 100 years to transform the world, big data is revolutionising the way businesses and government operate virtually overnight. As you explore how to leverage the power of big data in your business, let CCS show you how to maximise value from big data and transform your world.”

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Audio To Text…

We take your audio file and our professional transcribers deliver a product that is grammatically correct and over 99% accAudio to Text Fileurate. Our experienced team can work in all business sectors. Audio files can be uploaded or taken from other media such as tape. We can output the transcript as a text file often in your chosen software type for example PDF or Microsoft Word.

Our service is reliable, fast, easy and cost-effective we can convert your conference calls, minutes, seminars, lectures, interviews, meeting notes, legal taped conversations and much much more into accurate transcripts. Get in touch today for a quote.

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We offer a fully outsourced Redaction service Our customers get a copy of the scanned documentRedaction Service Services Redact Company Companies
with data redaction and a copy of the images un-redacted. A popular application for this is for a local authority to keep the full document internally and publish the redacted document on-line. An example of a specific document type being freedom of information requests.

We are also the UK Market Leaders for the collation and redaction of Subject Access Requests.

So how does it work?

The first point to stress is that we listen and then tailor a solution specific to your needs. Our operation is 100% secure and confidential. Our combination of experienced human input and automated intelligent data techniques is quite unique. We can handle one off projects or deliver an ongoing service.


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