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Q: Do you collect and deliver throughout the UK?
A: Yes. We use our own transport to collect from any location throughout the United Kingdom.

Q: Do you offer you Services outside the UK?
A: Yes. We offer out Data Extraction Service on a Worldwide basis. Our Scanning operations are generally based within the UK.


Q: Is document scanning legal and recognised by the courts and HM Revenue & Customs?man-thinkingA: Yes. Read More >>>

Q: Do we need to buy boxes and box up the documents?
A: We can supply specialist document crates and will even box them for you.

Q: How do you return the scanned documents or data?
A: We can return the documents digitally straight into your system by ftp technology if your require. Or we can return on CD, DVD or memory stick. We can also store your documents in our client cloud.

Q: Do you confidentially destroy our paperwork after scanning?
A: Yes we confidentially destroy your paperwork in a safe, secure and compliant manner. A certificate of compliant destruction can be issued upon request.

Q: How long does the process take?
A: This can vary but as a rough rule of thumb we suggest you work on one working week per 100,000 documents scanned. By agreement we also do same day scanning.

Q: Do you scan black and white or colour?
A: Either just let us know your requirement’s. A point to note is that colour takes up more space on your drives so perhaps only use when it makes a difference.

Q: Do you scan plans and engineering drawings.
A: Yes we scan charts, plans, engineering drawings and maps upto A0 in size.

Q: Do you have a minimum or maximum scan volume.
A: No we are happy to handle projects of all sizes.

Q: Can you supply trade references.
A: Yes we are proud of the relationships that we build with our client’s and are happy to supply references.

Q: Will you do a free of charge sample?
A: Yes this is very often a good idea. A sample helps us understand the project, gives you an idea of the final product and also provide a quality benchmark. Call 01663 746604 To Arrange.

Q: What does OCR stand for?
A: Optical Character Recognition.

Q: Do you scan microfilm?
A: Yes we scan aperture cards, microfilm and fiche.

Q: Do you scan X rays?
A: Yes no problem.

Q: Do you accept payment by credit card.
A: Yes. Also bank transfer, pay pal, traditional invoice and cheque.

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