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Even in these times most businesses generate documents that need scanning before costs are incurred. Content Capture Services offer solutions to these document scanning challenges.

Let’s look at some paperwork related solutions and associated problems:

Problem:We are running out of space to store hard copy documents.

Solution: We can help you store 100,000 scanned documents on a DVD or infinite on cloud or hard drive.


Problem We need to free up space in the office for more profitable pursuits.

Solution: Imagine your office without filing cabinets, document storage boxes, file shelves and an archive. Then imagine desks and productive personnel as replacements. Makes sense!


Problem: We need to search for documents more efficiently.

Solution: Our solutions offer push button access to specific files.


Problem: We need to retrieve files faster.

Solution: Your documents are at you finger tip.


Problem: We need to be able to search for individual words within a document.

Solution: Our industry leading content capture techniques allow you to search by individual words and phrases within your paperwork. Click here to read more>>>


Problem: We need to make our documents available over our network.

Solution: We provide fully indexed files and you simply uplift them to your network environment.


Problem: We need to make our documents available via cloud storage.

Solution: You can upload our solutions to your Cloud or use our Cloud service.


Problem: We need our hot desk and home workers to be able to access documents.

Solution: Our documents can be imported into your existing infrastructure. We can build in access protocols to.


Problem: We need our filing system to be compliant.

Solution: All our options are compliant ensuring legal admissibility.


Problem: We need to make our archive safe and secure and facilitate disaster recovery.

Solution: Imagine trying to restart your business after a critical event such as a fire. Once digital the paper file can be duplicated vastly reducing your risk exposure.


Problem: Our filing and confidential destruction systems need to accommodate Data Protection Laws.

Solution: Again our document shredding options are 100% secure and compliant.


And much more…… After almost 20 years in the business it is safe to say that your problems are not unique. We will have seen them before and would love to help you address them. Start today by getting a document scanning solution quote>>>


So What’s The Answer?

Employ a professional document scanning bureau. Click here to find our why Content Capture are perfect partners>>>

We solve paperwork problems for both the private and public sector and for business or the general public. No project is too big or small. We service the whole of the UK and will probably have a van in your area this week. Our solutions are tailor-made to your specific requirements. We offer a fast, safe, secure and compliant document scanning solutions that are second to none. Our service levels are high and we boast a track record of almost 20 years. We work for some of the biggest blue chip Organisations in the UK such as Jaguar Land Rover and EDF and are proud to extend the same level of service through to our valued smaller footprint clients.

We can scan all sizes of paperwork and microfilm in both black and white and colour. This gives us great document scanning solution flexibility. We can return the documents or confidentially destroy the hard copy after the scanning process. We can return the data in your chosen file format (PDF is very popular). We can index the data to suit your specific needs and often provide a fully word searchable document. Our OCR options are second to none within our industry and a great source of pride. We lead this marketplace. Content Capture Services can return your data on CD, DVD, Download or make available via our Cloud. Whatever your document scanning problems Content Capture have the solution.

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Simple & Realistic Solutions…..

Often our clients look for a ‘paperless’ document scanning solution. In reality the most efficient and workable solution is a bit of a play on words. We usually provide a ‘lesspaper’ working environment. Our experience, approaching 20 years now, gives us a feel for finding that right balance between cutting back on paperwork and going too far.

To find our document scanning solutions we start by listening to your problems. We then consider, discuss and agree the best possible tailor-made solution to your individual set of circumstances. We strike a balance between budget and utopia!

Content Capture Services believe communication is at the heart of a good outsourced solution. Get in touch today to find out more and perhaps start the ball rolling with a free trial 01663 746604. We are waiting to take your call. Contact Us>>> 


Example Solution (Testimonial)…..

We had rows of files and several filing cabinets giving us genuine problems. Content Capture Services offered the perfect solution to our document scanning needs. We now have free space and our data is stored as PDFs. Where we had cabinets we now have profit generating personnel. The job paid for itself within weeks.

Neil Martin. Director. Havas Lynx.


UK Wide Service…..

Regular Document Scanning Solutions for Manchester, Liverpool, Stockport, Leeds, Bradford, Nottingham, Leeds, Leicester, London, Cardiff, Glasgow, Birmingham, East Midlands, High Peak, Buxton, Great Manchester, Derbyshire, Merseyside, Yorkshire & Cheshire.